"18 Ingredients to Make Daddy"

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Persistence and quality time are a couple of the ingredients MJ uses to create her daddy. Join her in this unique journey,  making any additions you need to create your daddy, after all he is your first love so you want him to be perfect

 The eighteen amazing years I had with my first love: my daddy influences this book. After his unexpected death in 2006, I wanted
to quit, but Daddy didn'€™t raise a quitter.
So I continue to thrive one day at a time
holding his love, lessons, and support close
to heart. These 18 ingredients  are what I 
cherish most about the relationship I had with
my dad and wish to share with you in hopes
of influencing, creating, and expanding all the
daughter and daddy relationships. From personal
experience,it is imperative, incomparable, and will
set the expectations of all relationships to follow,
so make it count.

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